a new collection of wrapping paper featuring my designs are now available to purchase at Lagom


a couple of new patterns that have been added to my website

and speaking of patterns I'm loving this ladies patterned knitwear


Picasso's ceramics - not much to say apart from simply amazing!

Photos taken from the Picasso Exhibit at the hakone sculpture park in Japan


Japan PT5

I spotted so many gorgeous prints and patterns in Japan...these are just a few of the ones that caught my eye


Japan PT4

a few more photos from our Japan trip

we wandered through the bamboo groves in Arashiyama - the locals make their wares from the nearby bamboo and we stayed in little ryokans and met the nicest people along the way.


Japan PT3

yup, more photos from Japan folks! expect a few more over the coming days


Japan PT2

a few things that I love about Japan:

everything comes in beautiful packaging
pot plants everywhere
rice balls for the lady who likes to snack on the go
shoes off slippers on
kimonos as acceptable street wear

Japan PT1

Back from an amazing trip to Japan

I spent the last 2 weeks traveling from Tokyo - Kyoto - Kurama - Nara - Hakone - Tokyo

Such an inspiring trip!