another Iron age purple glass pendant that is 2600yrs old (600bc) when you hold it up to the light the colours are truly amazing

good shadows are always worth photographing

my sister Sarah has been working on new designs for Rah and Rah...expect to see a lot more shale pieces in the coming months.

bits and pieces from this weekend


patterns on metal from around my dad's workshop

i have family from NY coming this weekend...my aunt's grilled cheese is one of the best out there

have a great weekend folks!


this guy really loves working with wood!
Force of Nature: The Sculpture of David Nash


uncommon wild flowers a book my dad gave me which is full of floral inspiration

2nd photo is a sketchpad doodle
last 3 photos taken in our garden back home


put your feet up and check out Once Upon a Time in New York: The Birth of Hip Hop, Disco and Punk on iplayer at the moment


photos from today...

a photoshoot of my desk

the perfect shale bracelet from Rah and Rah

bees at the lavender from morning to night

my dad came to put the handles on our home made wardrobe...its a 3 part job!

now a tea break!