Ive been back home for a few days and this morning before heading back to London we jumped in the car and took a drive out to a favourite spot on the dorset coast

nothing says summer more than a mid week mini road trip!


working on a little something involving a snake...all will be revealed in a day or so

snake inspiration from the British Museum and the Brooklyn library


last night at the RCA private view these pieces caught my eye

top - Jonna Saarinen
middle - unknown (anything with a pretzel gets my vote!)
bottom - Teresa Georgallis


my dad also made a bed - wood work is my new fave hobby!

bottom pic - John kapel's home and studio in C magazine via YHBHS


one of my favourite family photos - my dads clan hanging out on the porch..looks like a whole lotta fun

also, a couple of photos from my garden back home...it's one of my favourite places in the world


as promised, the clothing rail in detail...designed and handmade by my dad

if you'd like a pop-made clothes rail...get in touch, I'm sure he would make a few more for a very reasonable price!


wood is good, I mean pretty pretty good

spent the last few days visiting the local timber yard and working with my pop on a much needed clothing rail, bookends and table

ill post more on that clothes rail soon as its a-m-a-z-i-n-g


my friday afternoon = reading in the park

and trying to work but gazing out of the window

Have a lovely weekend folks!