inspirational women at the Met

Happy weekend chaps!


a trip to the Cooper-Hewitt to see the Sonia Delaunay colour moves exhibition was definitely worth it

the museum itself is a must see, such a beautiful building


snaps from here and there this past week..

a beautiful NY sunset
strolling down Kings Highway and finding a deli with the most amazing rye's and cakes
great Japanese food with the Fam
more pretzels!
the blossom tree outside my apt. is a beaut


Met eye candy part 1

Met eye candy part 2


inspiration and wonder at the natural history museum today

I gotta say that the gemstones and minerals room blew my mind

happy happy weekend folks!

a few things from here and there this past week

on other news...matzo ball soup is definitely the way forward

happy weekend folks!


a few shots from my new hood in Brooklyn.
pizza, pretzels, sunny weather, coffee and friendly neighbours have welcomed me into NY life..
hope everyone has had a great weekend - I heard the weather back in London has been super duper


a brilliant book full of inspiration, get your copy here

I'm going to be visiting family & friends and working from NY for a bit...I leave tomorrow, I'm super excited!


I took these photos on my phone of a vintage gemstone map of the world that I happened upon a while back

turns out that these are a great source of inspiration for my latest illustration commission - will post more on that in the next few weeks!