its official, my mum has the best taste in birthday cards


Spring is the thing!

spent the last few days at my folks in the garden - the weather has been beautiful down South.

I was able to work on my laptop in the sun and do a little experimentin' for possible future Rah and Rah designs

Happy weekend folks, hope y'all have something nice planned


the Rah and Rah shop is here

check out the shale disc earrings in all their glory


and the winner is.......


Thanks so much guys for saying hello...I quite like these giveaways so who knows, maybe Ill do another one sometime


so...my new updated website is finally live folks!! check it out here

to celebrate the joy that is my new website Ive decided to do a giveaway of some DP ware...Ive never done a giveaway but thought that they sound pretty fun so all you have to do is swing by the comment section and say hello...that's it easy peasy.

heres what I'm giving away:

screen printed DP tote bag
a set of screenprints inspired by rah and Rah jewellery
sterling silver Rah and Rah triangle studs handmade by my lil sis Sarah
a set of Sparrow & Co notebooks featuring my designs

to add an extra element of surprise I will also include something from the Carluccio easter range which feature my illustrations

make sure you leave your email in the comment - the winner will be picked randomly and will be announced next monday on march 21st


sweet tooth?
then check out Carluccio's new Easter range featuring DP linocut illustrations

I spent yesterday afternoon in the local printing studio screenprinting simple patterns in 1 or 2 colours


from this

to this

from our trip to Kimmeridge we collected shale

over the weekend we watched pop make the beads on the special 'shale bead' lathe

today I received the finished necklace in the mail

and soon this beauty will be for purchase at Rah and Rah


scored a couple of amazing books at my favourite local charity shop over the weekend

African textiles and abstract art in A3 format - what's not to love!


Kimmeridge pt2

we broke open a rock to discover crystals

picked up rocks that sparkled in the sun

is that an eye in the stone?

another fab fossil find

I heart Kimmeridge!

Kimmeridge pt1

morning drive out to Kimmeridge Bay on a special mission for jurassic Dorset shale

great to see nature at its best. I loved finding fossils and patterns on rocks

swing by Rah and Rah to find out what we wanted the shale for


lots of new patterns to feature on my updated website, hopefully to go live by next week!
Thought I would show the inspiration behind some of these new patterns.

cave paintings
horse shoes

What sort of things are you inspired by?