Had some free time this afternoon and seeing as its friday I thought I would do something a little fun.
No reason, apart from I dig archaeology and geology does indeed rock!

Happy weekend folks, hope y'all have something nice planned!


Since my trip back home I have been incredibly busy with work trying to finish projects before my trip to Japan.

I'm also working with a super talented friend on updating my website which should hopefully launch in the coming weeks, I'm thinking about giving away some DP ware to coincide with the launch of my new site, so watch this space!


some photos from a day back home.
early morning walk along the beach looking for cuttlebone to cast
with the found cuttlebone we carve out a shape and get casting
ta da! this will become a pendant

This week I travelled back to my home town to spend a few days with family and break away from city life.

It was marvelous!

I worked on my illustrations in the evenings and spent the days making jewellery, visiting timber yards and being inspired by the simple things in life.


From a screenprint into a greeting card.

My bird print is part of the new toasted range at Urban Graphic
which features lots of lovely cards from talented people - they have a neat blog too