found these in the wood pile back home.
I would like to try sanding and smoothing them...you could probably build a decent tower with them.

on other news, our neighbourhood foxes enjoy peanut butter - who knew!


hurray! finally figured out how to make my blog images bigger

A weekend of early mornings and good food
with a little bit of website updating and photo taking thrown in

Rah and Rah blog update - crescent earring inspiration


still carving shapes for the commission I'm working on...you can't go wrong with a triangle.

I use home made carving tools made by my dad - they work a treat!

I ve found a use for a tiny pot I made a few months back and I also found this nice photo from an old national geographic mag, now it hangs above my desk.


A new commission means I have spent the last few days linocutting and being inspired by ceramic tiles

tile images are from The British Museum database


photographing the lights in our apartment when i should be working.

the working part of 2011 officially starts tomorrow, I have a week full of deadlines.

I have been watching Cheers re runs all through the holidays - will cram in one more before my busy week begins.



New Year = A new calendar and a new scarf knitted by my mum...what more could a girl want.
Hope 2011 brings everyone happiness!