I Spent my holidays with my family.
We ate a lot of good food,
took walks to the beach,
I carved wood blocks in front of the fire.

I feel very relaxed so today, my first day back in
the city, I baked a cherry pie.

Hope everyone had wonderful holiday times!


Happy Holidays folks...hope there is cookies, ice skating and snow for everyone!


A busy week of working, organizing, drawing on ikea lampshades and eating good food!

I managed to fit in some debbie time and read my new issue of apartamento magazine


a nice profile of my work over at Communication Arts


more on that bead -

I made it for a buddy of mine, for her 30th.

we spent the day stamping out the beads with a specially made cookie cutter and marking into them with a pin.

I was going for a wabi-sabi approach.

as we got toasty by the fire, so did the beads.

we glazed them with a home made glaze from a crushed wine bottle.

And then we fired them.

strung on silk cord with a snug bronze bead, thats all there is to it.


pretty pretty good...is how I'm feelin' about my venture into ceramics...

Lots of nice colours and patterns scattered around the pottery workshop...and yup, I'm pretty pleased with the useless selection of pots I ve made.

The top photo is off a clay bead I made at home in my pop's workshop...will post some more photos on that soon!