Came across the coolest tiniest shop in Paris selling amazing dirt cheap African items. The two bowls are huge nuts halved in to two...I tried to find out more info from the woman but her lack of english and my lack of french wasn't the best combination. Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchases!


Alanna Cavanagh said...

love these debbie. yum.
website address?

Debbie Powell ink. said...

I know, I spent about 30 mins in there rummaging through tonnes of bags!
No website unfortunately, the shop doesn't even have a name!

krisitne said...

Hello Debbie, i love your work! My name is Kristine and im a high school student and we are trying to travel to Costa Rica for a learning based trip. If youd like to help or would like to spread the world that would be so helpful, that you so much for your time. Kristine.

Olena said...

Can you please tell me where it is in Paris?
Thank you!