Came across the coolest tiniest shop in Paris selling amazing dirt cheap African items. The two bowls are huge nuts halved in to two...I tried to find out more info from the woman but her lack of english and my lack of french wasn't the best combination. Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchases!

Spent the weekend in Paris with friends hanging out in parks, open air movies, flea markets and lots of pain au chocolat...was a blast!


A new pattern idea inspired by my childhood dream of becoming a whirling dervish...no kidding, my sister and I would practice for hours

posting has been a bit lax these last few weeks - have been crazy busy working on new screenprint designs, new commissions, jewellery making, trips back home...and planning a trip to Paris this weekend to visit friends, cant wait! posting will pick up from next week for reals!

on the jewellery making side of things our new website is up and running! check it out here


found these over the last few days...nature at its best!



loving the new google images format by the way!