new ventures and a trip back home

Went back home to see my folks over the weekend, life is a lot slower paced back there and yup I really love it! Met the neighborhood foxes who seem to have taken a liking to my dad - also me my sister and my dad have started a new venture in jewellery making...top photos shows a silver ring in the making!

The jewellery thing has been an idea for a while but it wasn't until recently that we all decided to give it a push...you can follow us here at our blog a website is coming shortly - exciting stuff huh!

On the illustration side of things I'm working on my own idea for a kids book, will be able to shed some more info on this soon!

also, watching twin peaks for the first time ever...TOTALLY HOOKED!


Alanna Cavanagh said...

This is so exciting.
A brand new venture!
I loved seeing your behind the scenes pics and I'll definitely be ordering necklace. Congrats.
ps. Rah and Rah name is very cute. Where did it come from?

Debbie Powell ink. said...

hey Alanna, exciting stuff huh!
well the name Rah and Rah is the ending of mine and my sis's names..shes sarah and I'm deborah..i guess the 'and' could be for my dad :)

my dads name is ron so it could have been rah and rah and ron...too funny

p.s cant wait to see what you do with your apt!