new ventures and a trip back home

Went back home to see my folks over the weekend, life is a lot slower paced back there and yup I really love it! Met the neighborhood foxes who seem to have taken a liking to my dad - also me my sister and my dad have started a new venture in jewellery making...top photos shows a silver ring in the making!

The jewellery thing has been an idea for a while but it wasn't until recently that we all decided to give it a push...you can follow us here at our blog a website is coming shortly - exciting stuff huh!

On the illustration side of things I'm working on my own idea for a kids book, will be able to shed some more info on this soon!

also, watching twin peaks for the first time ever...TOTALLY HOOKED!


a mini profile

also, why are some Mondays worse than others? cant get my head into work mode


Popped into Marks & Spencer yesterday and ta da...the first 2 bits were there that had the new packaging with my illustrations on it! This should be in stores as of now...exciting stuff!


earthenware tile circa 1910 from the British Museum