Seeing as my Pop is such a big inspiration to me and as it's coming up to fathers day, I thought I'd share a little bit about him and what he does...
Pop was born in Brooklyn, he loves Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Ring Dings, he makes the BEST pasta with a recipe that hasn't changed in over 20 years, he rides a Harley and has worn converse his whole life, he also makes the most amazing jewellery...

Here are some photos from my last trip home. They show my dad making a bracelet from oil shale. The Shale used is over a 100 million years old and was found at Dorset's Jurassic coast.
The Top photo shows the shale in its original and raw form which is home to a little fossil! the last photo is the finished bracelet...the whole making process took about 3-4 hours and the end result is truly unique and beautiful.

Heres to a happy weekend!

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