Finally got the roll of film developed which has been in my bag for the last 2 months...yikes Debbie!

top 2 photos are from London's snow day back in Jan and the bottom 2 photos are from the Abstract America exhibit which was on at the Saatchi - the paintings are from the amazing artist Baker Overstreet


some scans from the book I'm reading 'a field guide to stars and planets'


was outside of London the other day when I saw it, Debbie's dream house! apparently its been like this for years, unloved and empty...so sad


some new patterns added to my site, these were made using lino cut stamps


a couple of shots from my saturday night at the keep printing and carry on event.

there was potato stamping, an inspiring short docu on Sister Corita - the screen printing nun, a cake shop and live screenprinting...way too much fun for one night!

My weekend so far has included cycling to the Tate early this morning to see the Van Doesburg constructing a new world exhibit...I really enjoyed it, if your in London you should go check it out!

hope everyone is having a fab weekend!


where has spring gone? London is rainy, grey and gloomy today and I just whacked my knee on my desk...ouch!!
happy weekend folks, hope you all have something nice planned?!


just brought this fab book on amazon, has some amazing prints inside....very inspiring!


I'm loving the spring weather in London today, please stay for a few more days!


love love love David Neale's jewellery, it's so incredibly beautiful!


Hope everyone is having a fab weekend?

My Sunday activities included: trip planning for my upcoming trip to NY and Canada, sketchbook doodling and taking a walk in the park...Spring was definitely in London today!

pics are of some random Sunday sketching