I Spent my holidays with my family.
We ate a lot of good food,
took walks to the beach,
I carved wood blocks in front of the fire.

I feel very relaxed so today, my first day back in
the city, I baked a cherry pie.

Hope everyone had wonderful holiday times!


Happy Holidays folks...hope there is cookies, ice skating and snow for everyone!


A busy week of working, organizing, drawing on ikea lampshades and eating good food!

I managed to fit in some debbie time and read my new issue of apartamento magazine


a nice profile of my work over at Communication Arts


more on that bead -

I made it for a buddy of mine, for her 30th.

we spent the day stamping out the beads with a specially made cookie cutter and marking into them with a pin.

I was going for a wabi-sabi approach.

as we got toasty by the fire, so did the beads.

we glazed them with a home made glaze from a crushed wine bottle.

And then we fired them.

strung on silk cord with a snug bronze bead, thats all there is to it.


pretty pretty good...is how I'm feelin' about my venture into ceramics...

Lots of nice colours and patterns scattered around the pottery workshop...and yup, I'm pretty pleased with the useless selection of pots I ve made.

The top photo is off a clay bead I made at home in my pop's workshop...will post some more photos on that soon!


I know, its been a while since I updated my blog....what can I say apart from I have been crazy crazy busy this last month!
I ve started a weekly illustration gig with the Independent, working on a Penguin cover, and a load of other exciting commissions..plus I'm in the process of updating my website with all my new work...so watch this space!

As well as the candle packaging I illustrated for Sparrow & Co homewares, we have also collaborated on a set of notebooks featuring more of my designs...and voila, here they are! They are available to buy here so grab em while there hot!

photos via Sparrow & co


trial bank note designs found via The British Museum

Happy Monday folks!


planning on making some simple tops with these fabrics featuring 2 of my designs.
Hope everyone has something nice planned for their weekends!


over the last couple of weeks Ive been working on a collaborative project with Sparrow & co for a new range of candle packaging. If you make your way over to the Sparrow & co website the candles are available to pre order, I think they would make lovely christmas gifts!

Also The lovely Grace over at design sponge has featured more of the Sparrow & co products which are available from the S&C website.

There will also be a range of notebooks featuring more of my designs in the not so distant future!


so the last few weeks have been pretty busy...

Ive started my pottery class, absolutely love it! I brought some clay on the side so I can get super good on the sly - there happens to be a woman who owns a little ceramic shop right down my street who is going to be firing my clay for me.
My first attempts are pretty hilarious...the woman down the street says ill get better.

Ive also started to experiment with some needle work and pattern designs - will post some of my experiments soon!

And Ive been working on a collaborative project with the lovely Samuel Sparrow of Sparrow & co whose brand new webshop is due to open this winter, you can check out his blog here
wil be able to reveal more about this in the next few weeks..


Thinking about NY a lot these days

Photo found here


was back home the past few days soaking up the sea air and working with my sis and pop on various things.

The top photo shows a pot we fired at home - it didn't quite turn out as it cracked and we weren't too pleased with the glaze but its a start right!

middle photo shows a couple of ceramic necklaces with home made glazes which are a work in progress - were hoping to have something similar for sale when the Rah and Rah shop launches..


I'm starting a pottery class in the next few weeks so I have been doing lots of research for inspiration...

from top to bottom: intelligent clashing, Lucie Rie, Bridgeman art library


these last few weeks Ive been doing a zillion different things, here is a sneak peek at whats to come!
Can you believe its September already, 2010 is going way to quickly!


Came across the coolest tiniest shop in Paris selling amazing dirt cheap African items. The two bowls are huge nuts halved in to two...I tried to find out more info from the woman but her lack of english and my lack of french wasn't the best combination. Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchases!

Spent the weekend in Paris with friends hanging out in parks, open air movies, flea markets and lots of pain au chocolat...was a blast!