so for the last few weeks Ive been busy working on my website and today my new and improved site is finished and on the interweb! I have to give a big applause to Tim for helping me (again) with this...but this time i actually paid attention and reckon i should be able to maintain it myself, well that's the idea anyway


Alanna Cavanagh said...

Hi Debbie

Your new website looks amazing! It's so neat how it "moves'. Makes one kinda feel like they're flying overhead. :-) And all the work is great - as usual. Love the sketch book and pattern sections.

Debbie Powell ink. said...

thanks Alanna!
Yeah i like how it moves too! i put this one together myself so should mean i can maintain it myself and update it more often..hate website stuff, find it really tricky!

Heather Gatley said...

DP. new site is SPOT ON! bravo dear!! xxx

sooziebee said...

wow, debbie, just started following your blog, and i must say the new website is amazing, and i love that you have put sketchbooks on there too.

Debbie Powell ink. said...

Thanks Sooziebee,
I'm just on my way to check out your blog!