love this

love this...
(via rainier)

playing around with inks


happy weekend!

hope everyone is having a fab weekend.... ive been listening to all 'over the shop' from the east village radio while working....its great it you havent tuned in all ready!


different strokes for different folks

the Artworks agency who Im represented by here in the UK has a new promo pack out..
Im responsible for the pattern around the text and the letters i and o...

fab illustrations

I came across these illustrations in a book of my grandma's - 'myths and legends of ancient egypt' the illustrator is brian melling...Im loving the colours and patterns


great photos from joe's nyc


despite my lack of finances, I treated myself to early birthday presents...an ivana helsinki dress and a mociun dress, both from beklina...

I heart NY pt2

I want to go back...right now!

I heart NY pt1

september 2008 me and tim took a trip to NY so he could meet my family...here are some snaps from our trip...