a great sunday movie!

we went to see the fall on sunday at the barbican centre here in london..it was amazing, you must see it!!!


Jamie Oliver

At the end of 2008 I worked on a project for Jamie Oliver's new Tea range...basically I had to draw lots of tea cups, these are the finished products available to buy here


messing around with ink..


our owl

when I was 14 living at home with my parents we had an old apple tree that my dad was cutting down as it had gotten rotten...anyway in the middle of cutting it down my dad started to carve an owl out of the shapes that he saw from the knots in the wood - i found these old photos (not the best ones) but you can kind of see the owl in the background, we kept it for about 6 months before my dad chopped the whole thing down...


new bits

Ive been experimenting with ideas and different materials to use as background texture and pattern in my illustrations - these are some new ideas hot of the press!



a few things Im inspired by...

more bits..

and a couple of mock book jackets....any thoughts/suggestions are much appreciated - thanks guys!

a bit of this and a bit of that...

spent the last couple of days working on personal projects and doing bits and pieces ive been saving for a spare couple of days...


me and my sister took these the other week in our local park with her medium format camera...


site update

a bit of website maintenance going on yesterday...i have updated my site with my latest work - so go check it out!


cut it out

today was the right day for cutting out paper to make shapes/objects for more pattern work...im liking black+white right now...


I was going through old photos of mine and I came across this one taken from the top of one of the trade towers, this was probably taken about 10 years ago..wow


snow day

lots of fun for everyone in London this morning...were not use to this much snow so we enjoy it while its here!