3 illustrations Ive just finished for a pitch, along with 3 other illustrators - fingers crossed they go with mine!


and more....

more water colour patterns from yesterday..



today I have been playing around with my tiny water colour set to create some new patterns to use as background texture in my illustrations..


being a sunday and feeling real lazy i finally got around to watching the Bob Dylan docu that was on TV about 2 years ago...also featured in the program was a clip from this video shot in 1953


oh yes

I love the photographs of Michael Kenna....


dogtooth and tessellate

this afternoon i got taken along by my sister and her man max to such a great exhibit called Dogtooth and Tessellate at the approach gallery, which is only a short walk from my house - was very inspiring...i think i loved every piece on display, if your in london i totally recommend this!!!!

bye bye Bush

great night last night celebrating mr.Obama



will be going to this tonight at stoke newington airport...should be lots of fun - enjoy Obama day everyone!


at home

hanging around at home today working on pattern ideas and messing around with my camera...some photos of new and old things in my house...
1. mociun and corwin calendar and one of my dads sculptures
2. A heart shaped fossil about 120 million years old
3. mobile tim made on a rainy day
4. a bookcase my dad built me, when its full it will look like a stack of books!


last night

Firstly.....happy new year everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of 2009...I think it will be a great year!

Secondly...I watched Black sun last night, an amazing documentary about artist/filmmaker Hughes de Montalembert..its really inspiring, I saw it 2 years ago with Tim and watching it last night reminded me how great it was!