Bye 2009...what can I say, its been fun!! hope Everyone has a fab New Year and 2010 brings lots of adventures...see you next year for lots of blogging and chit chat!!


Heading home for Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!


thanks to the fab print & pattern for featuring some of the Jamie Oliver xmas range including my card and calendar design

on other news..me and timbo went to shanghai in dalston for dinner the other night..highly recommend it if your in London!


some snaps from the last couple of months..


New book jacket design for Headline books


I took this photo last time I was back home visiting my folks...I just spotted a polar bear, can you?!


been crazy busy the last week with several new commissions, in the meantime until i can post more regularly why not follow me on twitter...


hey folks, Paris was fab - photos are coming soon!

have added a new feature on the blog - a list of what music i'm listening to as I'm working away...you know, just in case you were wondering!

ps. Photo is of a new print which I have been working on


Have a super duper weekend!


Happy Halloween folks! I'm off to get my catsuit on...I kid!


trying out ideas for a book jacket commission...


made a stamp using an old rubber...


paper cuttin' on a monday


a rock close up = cool texture

last night I went with friends to the Barbican to see GAS, which feastured moving images of video artist Petra Hollenbach....


find this very funny - love Ted Danson by the way


:::shop Update:::

Ive finally updated my shop!!
Now available in limited quantities a screen printed tote bag and a set of four screen printed cards

so for the last few weeks Ive been busy working on my website and today my new and improved site is finished and on the interweb! I have to give a big applause to Tim for helping me (again) with this...but this time i actually paid attention and reckon i should be able to maintain it myself, well that's the idea anyway


like this alot


Go Jamie O.

new Jamie Oliver products which I worked on a while back are now available to buy here

also, keep a eye out for the 2009 advent calendar and SS10 products due out next year!

on another note...trying to update my website, screenprint and sort a million other things out these last few weeks...hence my lack of posting, will be much more on it in october!


black bird screen print tests


I like this alot

wood block prints by Umetaro Azechi


some sketchbook doodles and my first attempt screen prints from yesterday...


the screen printing unit my pop built me...complete with vacuum table, exposure lamp and drying cabinet...my first go at printing was a huge success - everything worked!


I think there is a house in there....