spooky shadows

happy halloween!


these are some people i drew for a client..they are talking about mental health


coffee on a cold morning

bbrrrr.... its chilly this morning in London - all of our windows were steamed up this morning, and it snowed last night too, london hasnt seen snow in october since 1934!



raining and dark outside...nice and cozy inside



this is a video I collaborated on with tim cowie for the author charles Leadbeater's book 'we think'..its had 98,412 views on you tube..
have a great sunday everyone!

at home

hanging around at home om a rainy weekend..taking photos, reading magazines and drinking lots of coffee...ahh love lazy weekends!


side projects

Almost the weekend - this week i have been updating my profile by re-designing some of my favourite book jackets! these are not commissions just side projects...


black + white

Black+white photos from my NY trip - the film i used was about 6yrs old and the camera is also very old too. I like taking pictures with film, I never know how there going to turn out..im happy with these!


pattern crazy!

working on patterns for a new project.....will keep you updated with progress, these are my first roughs


new vinyl artwork

here are some new vinyl releases from metroline limited featuring artwork by me....


afternoon shadows

these were on my bedroom wall..love the interesting shapes shadows make!
also..an interesting way of making shadows


NY inspired!

Hello everyone...happy monday!!
here are some paintings inspired by one of my favourite cities in the world..NY! these 2 paintings show an area in brooklyn known as 'little Russia' and a cafe I came across in the lower east side of manhattan.
You can buy these 2 paintings along with other screenprints at the Heflin Reps gallery