Screen printing Thursday!

Have been going screen printing here every thursday for the last month or so... today I printed on some left over fabric which was just the right size to re-cover my foot stool, I also printed more coasters and plywood boards in different colours, which will be added to my shop shortly!

Will show you the illustration Im working on at the moment for New York magazine Latina next week!


DIY weekend (pt2)

Also made a origami crane mobile...its hanging in our kitchen, I think Ive made enough origami to last me a while!

DIY weekend (pt1)

I got bored of looking at out 99p ikea lampshade, so I took matters into my own hands! I made a bunch of origami kimonos and stuck them to the frame of the old ikea lamp....voila! one new lampshade!


My sister Sarah came back from a trip to Berlin today and suprised me with these...a fab broach from a thrift store and a necklace she made herself - I love them, there both really summery... thanks sis!


men in suits!

Have been working on a illustration job over the weekend for inside housing magazine, Ive been drawing lots of men in suits...you see alot of them in London!


my favourite things...

I love maps....these are some of my own which I look at over and over again, the middle one is my favourite - its a puzzle and was given to me by my aunt when I was a kid!


evening shadows

nice shapes on my walls and bed this evening

New business cards

I had to find a use for the remnant card Ive collected over the last few weeks when Ive been screen printing.....so I thought business cards!
The cards are all the ones that didnt make it through my quality control but were still too colourful and cheery to throw away - I stamped the back of each one with a build your own alaphabet stamp....it took a while!



The View from my living room the other day after a day of heavy heavy rain..rainbows always make me smile!

Etsy shop!

Hello and welcome to my blog! aswell as starting a blog, Ive just opened a shop on Etsy!! It sells screen prints and other bits Ive made